E pluribus unum... the magic of poliphony!


The project Vox Aurea Vocal Ensemble starts from an idea of Katja Moscato and her choristers who shared the will of experiencing an a cappella repertoire, spanning from XVI century to the contemporary music, by founding a new vocal ensemble. Undergraduate students and professional men and women in different disciplines, Vox Aurea share their love for music and are charmed by the magic of polyphony. Love and magic are reason and drive which move the Ensemble in making music together, self-financing to rehearse in unlikely places and times, to search, study and work out the repertoire for their concerts. A providential healthy craziness suffuses who has been captivated by the passion for music, and in the galaxy of musical expressions the vocal repertoire always distinguished itself as powerful, unique and transcendent means of aggregation and communication. From the wealth of the huge heritage of the italian and international musical traditions the Ensemble draws strong and rewarding motivations for its unremitting research and the stimuli for its technical and interpretative perfectioning.

About us

"Our first cry that announced us to the life marks the sound dimension as the first form of affirmation of existence and need for relationship. Sounds and its modulations mysteriously allow every newborn and baby to transmit their feelings and moods, crossing and riding over any language and cultural barriers. Through the redemption from the diffuse "musical aphasia and deafness" passes the opportunity to regain possession of the universal language and of the transcendent sensitivity that associate people beyond any frontier, and living beings beyond species barriers. The magic power of Euterpe, she who rejoices, gathered us coming from distant experiences to rebuild in unity and harmony diverse voices and sensitivities around the fleeting and hidden beauty of choral music, which unveil only in the subsidiarity and equilibrium of parts, in listening education, in silence discipline, and in voice control. Their gratifying frequentation and the tireless training allow to catch the hidden wonder in a passage of Monteverdi, in a cadence of Palestrina, or in a dissonance resolution of a contemporary composition. The sharing of such sublime wonder along with who likes listening polyphonic music, and much more with who would like to share with us the study and the practice of choral music, is our hope, the aim and the sense of our work and our music project."

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